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Joystick Piloting for Pods - Zeus®

Pod-drive for large cruisers and sport boats.

The definitive joystick control system.

You. Turning on a dime.

You. Turning on a dime.

Side-to-side, diagonal and spinning on a single axis. All with a simple push or twist of the joystick. Smooth, incremental low-speed control. Both throttle and steering. Superior to bow thrusters, which can drain your battery and leave you stranded - Zeus Joystick Piloting for Pods is integrated with the pod drives, without relying on battery power. Controlling wind, waves and current. Instead of fighting them. Confidence and control, even for novices. No stress on captain or crew. Dual-helm capability for dual, triple or quad pod engines.

Link to other onboard digital systems.

Link to other onboard digital systems.

Compatible with Mercury-exclusive SmartCraft® digital technology, one fully integrated digital control and information package. Smooth, responsive Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS), Skyhook® digital anchoring, Integrated Autopilot navigation system, VesselView® 4 or 7 information display.


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